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Kare Pro

Kare Pro 200 Clipper SCHEERMACHINE

Kare Pro 200 Clipper SCHEERMACHINE

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All “Kare-Pro” clippers include brushless motor technology developed by NASA in 1975 and today commonly used in aerospace but not so common in clippers industry.

The main benefits of the brushless technology are reliability, lower noise  and extra torque which are essential for animal clipping and trimming .

“Make it Smooth, Make it Professional”  



Spare blades are super premium as they are made of High- Carbon steel with Chrome Coating and processed through a heat treatment and ice tempered stay sharper longer, extra rust-resistant, durable and run cool during operation.


They are sharpened by skilled craftman and are trusted piece by piece with exceedingly strict quality standards before delivery.

They are compatible with other clipper brands such as:  Heiniger, Laube, Oster, Andis, Wahl and Aesculap.

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