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Dermaxin cream - DERMA & MAXIMUM EFFECT

Dermaxin cream - DERMA & MAXIMUM EFFECT

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Dermaxin is specially developed for the regeneration of irritated and damaged skin.

It is a herbal alternative, without cortisone and perfectly suited for postoperative use and long-term treatments 

Is an ointment based on essential oils for. skin care, WITHOUT CORTISONE.

Thanks to its unique recipe, the plants can develop their potential and we can take full advantage of all their properties.

Dermaxin gives the skin a calming feeling, relieves itching, is very moisturising and ideal for all irritated and damaged skin areas.

Dermaxin is a colourless product with a pleasant odour. 


Purely herbal ingredients, WITHOUT CORTISONE, ideal for long-term treatments.

- Animals licking the product is not a problem.

- Dermaxin can be applied on open wounds, protects and helps the skin to regenerate, from the inside out, preventing the formation of scabs.

- The insect repellent effect prevents contamination by flies and other insects in the treated areas. Therefore, we recommend to let the affected areas recover at the fresh air WITHOUT A BANDAGE.

- High hydration of irritated and damaged skin. restores the elasticity and suppleness of the skin.

- Dermaxin is a colorless product with a pleasant perfume.

- Dermaxin is for daily treatment.

!!! Due to the light sensitivity of essential oils, avoid excessive exposure to sunlight or only apply to the skin when out of the direct sunlight or in the evening hours!!!

 Can be used on skin to help with mites, on skin that has been burned, skin damaged by dermatitis and helps wounds heal after a bite or scar from surgery.. the uses for Dermaxin cream are endless. So gentle you can use it on your own skin, for chapped lips, dry hands in winter, sun burn and many other uses.

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