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    Since its inception in 2009, Incrediwear has revolutionized the Human Health & Fitness Industry with products that work to increase circulation, and optimize performance in athletes at both the professional and amateur levels. More importantly, Incrediwear was created to improve the lives of our customers through the everyday use of our products. Incrediwear is also FDA approved.

    Incrediwear Equine products can be used in a healthy athlete to optimize performance through increased blood and lymph circulation and oxygenation of tissues, or in the case of injury to reduce swelling and inflammation resulting in faster recovery of the tissues. This technology is applied to the equine range also.

    Get in contact with us - we also make good stable agreements with professionals 

    You can arrange pick up ( if possible with current Covid19 practices & procedures) at Bree.

    If you with any questions or if you wish to buy a package deal for your horses  -over 3 horses drop us an email with you details and what products you require for both horse & rider.

    Fill in the form below to contact us by email: